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2 days ago

The kickoff to summer, otherwise known as Memorial Weekend, is just around the BEND. Tune in as we spotlight smart and savvy road trip tips to make that first adventure a breeze. We tackle our country garden and backyard landscaping projects, have graduation gift ideas, and outdoor news while you try to catch Bec if you can on this episode of The Bend Radio Show!

Sunday May 15, 2022

Warmer temperatures have us all putting in longer days; but what are you doing “after the work” day is done to recharge? We talk about the importance of taking the time to enjoy life and maybe even try something new, we have outdoor news, a field update with tips plus a delicious 30 minute beef recipe! Catch Bec if you can on this episode of The Bend Radio Show!  

Sunday May 08, 2022

The Avian Flu is affecting domestic poultry birds, but what about our wildlife? We sat down with a wildlife health biologist to learn about concerns. It’s Mothers Day weekend and we share how fishing is a favorite way to spend it with our mothers, we share an easy beef recipe that’s great for the field and have outdoor news! We have these stories and more, Catch Bec if you can this weekend on The Bend!

Sunday May 01, 2022

Have you heard about or seen the latest mode of transportation geared for us outdoor enthusiasts? We talk about e-bikes otherwise known as electric bicycles.  We spotlight the Kentucky Derby and Miles City Bucking Horse Sale plus share an easy beef recipe that won’t break the bank! All that and more on this episode of The Bend Radio Show!

Sunday Apr 24, 2022

There is lots to do in our own backyard, so hear how you don’t have to break the bank rediscovering and adventuring by planning day trips. We share how turning the tractor off and getting off the farm or ranch can be a great thing. We offer gas saving tips for boaters, spotlight the national park service with fun facts and have outdoor news!  Be sure to catch Bec if you can on The Bend! 

Sunday Apr 17, 2022

Unpredictable is about the only way to describe how spring 2022 is shaping up. We talk about being prepared for what mother nature has in store for us. We Spotlight a possible RV pitstop alternative when on the road and have outdoor news as you try to catch Bec if you can on this episode of The Bend Radio Show! If you hit a snag and can’t listen to the new episode on your favorite podcast player, just know we are aware of this issue and we are working on getting it taken care of! We are sorry for any trouble, but we ask you to hop on to another player to listen in. Thank you!

Sunday Apr 10, 2022

Whether it is ourselves, loved ones or friends, we hear how we can all use our voices to unite rural minds and talk about the hard stuff, Mental Health, and how we can all help. We spotlight a must have kitchen gadget to help with peeling the perfect hard boiled egg and have outdoor news. Be sure to catch Bec […]

Sunday Apr 03, 2022

We are all familiar with “inflation” but have you heard of “shrinkflation”? Hear how this is directly affecting all of us as consumers. Get your instant pot out because we have a venison or beef roast recipe that the family will surely love.  Plus we have outdoor news and updates!  Catch Bec if you can […]

Sunday Mar 27, 2022

We cover lots this week on The Bend Radio Show! We have a wild turkey recipe for the grill now that it is warming up. We talk about the importance of being exposed to the outdoors as youth and how it can become a career too. Plus we have news and spring festivals for you […]

Sunday Mar 20, 2022

The change of seasons has us all ready for new adventures. We offer backpacking tips to get you prepared, we have news and updates from the field plus fun facts and trivia to help us all jump into Spring! Catch Bec if you can on this episode of The Bend Radio Show!


The Bend Show

Host Rebecca Wanner aka “Bec” dives into the stories of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, cooking, conservation and anything and everything that has to do with the outdoors and the back trails. Guests share their stories about success, failure and the one that got away. Hear not just about the gear, but more about what makes the outdoors relatable to everyone each week on The Bend Show!

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